Monday, October 1, 2007

Boo...whoever you are

Song of the Day: Whatever happened by The Strokes

That's what I'm asking! I just found out that I didn't get a job that I really wanted on a movie in town. It was the Director's assistant on a bigger budget movie. I've been working on some pretty ghetto little movies this year and I was looking forward to the peace and solace of a bigger budget movie, where I would, hopefully get paid better. Well, I guess they gave the job to someone else and I can't even imagine who because I know everyone around town and no one told me about that. Oh well, I'm still in the runnings for the producers' assistant job, but I don't really want that one. I kind of need a break where I don't have to think so hard for a while. Oh well. I guess I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks off at this point. LA vacay maybe?

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