Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unemployment Fest

Theme song: This Past Week by The Radio Dept.

Yes, today is the first ever Unemployment Fest! I am pretty excited about this since it affords me a reason to shower today. This is definitely a side effect of being in the NM film industry. Sometimes there is just no work to be had. Thankfully though all of my regular workmates are in the same boat so we can party in the afternoon without any guilt. Yes, we are starting at 2:00, so what? That is what one does when there is no work to be done. We have parties and just generally hang out.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Unemployment? Vacation?

Song of the Day: Let it Die by Feist

I am currently unemployed, or on vacation. Not exactly sure which it is yet. I finally finished one of the hardest jobs I've worked on in a very great while, and unfortunately I am somewhat worse for wear because of it. I have not worked so hard, for so many people, for so little. I know and understand that it is simply the way of the business, but it makes me a little bit sad anyway.
So here I am, jobless, but in a better emotional state than I've been in a while, but then there is that money thing. What is a girl to do? I am telling myself just to be happy with the time that I have right now to do all of the things I haven't had time to ie cleaning and sleeping.
I went to California last week to see if I can secure some sort of job for myself in the land of Hollywood. While I did do some job hunting, resume sending, and schmoozing, I did plenty of window shopping, bar-hopping, and sleeping. Thanks to good friends like Skyler, Ariel, and Cayley. Lemon drops are the best! easy on the tini!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Basics

The basics-
I live and work in ABQ. I work in film which basically means that I do slave labor and delusionally dream that one day, one day everything will have meant something. When I have time to think about things that actually matter to me- these are the things I love:
I love words. Words like subjunctive, tactile and mal a laisse. Knitting, sewing, writing, drawing, taking pictures, googling, picnics are a few things things that completely excite me. I love prickly things and soft sheets with high thread count. I can be a simple girl and walk all day covered in dirt in the islands of the Philippines, or doll myself up and head to Paris. From ponytails to pompadours, stilettos to sandals, I love it all!


So, this is a new for me. Having my privacy is of utter importance, but there is something to be said about having one's mind open for viewing and understanding.
So here goes.